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Alibi reed


En español ?  click aqui

1 - Download the demo of the song we are currently working on from here  and get a pdf with frequently asked questions and another pdf giving you more insights about the song here - (for spanish)

2 - Listen to it - (here you can find the song).

3 - Record your Instrument on top of the demo (no need for really good quality... it is just a demo)

4 - Upload the demo including your line to dropbox or any other cloud service and share it with us by sending us an email with the link to (dont hesitate in introducing yourself... :) )

5 - We will listen to ALL the submitions and get back to you.

6 - If your line gets chosen, we will ask you for a better quality recording of your line.

7 - We will make your recording part of the final mix that we will be uploaded to all our channels (spotify, google play, itunes, etc...) hash tagging you and mentionning you as much as possible as contributor.

If you have any questions do not hesitate on contacting us by private message on facebook or by sending us an email to

What are we talking about? watch the video.

For english...

En español...

Be part of it

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